Introducing Vacials

November Special

A lot of people turn to waxing, because shaving causes such unsightly blemishes.  While waxing does minimize the amount of ingrown hairs and irritation, if you are prone to such skin conditions, you might need a little boost in that area.  This is the main reason  why Absolute Body Waxing & Spa in Orlando is now offering Vacials.  Vacials are facials that are intended for the bikini area.  We do the same steps as in our Classic facial (not including the massage) for your bikini area. During the treatment, the bikini area is steamed, cleansed, exfoliated and the ingrown hairs are manually removed. The service takes 30-45 minutes depending on the amount of blemishes we have to work on. The benefits will be long lasting when combined with your regular bikini waxes.  We also offer a bikini peel for those who need a little more help with discoloration.  For the month of February, we are offering our Vacial services at a reduced rate of $45 ( Reg $75).  Book your appointment today to see what a Vacial can do for your skin.

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