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How Young is Too Young for Waxing

August BabyHow young is too young to get wax?

With the school year fast approaching, parents of teens and tweens are left with a simple but complicated question. What age is right to start body waxing?  A lot of parents from other countries in South America and some European countries start to wax their children at puberty, kind of like rites of passage.  Although this question is definitely a question that needs to be answered by each parent alone, I can tell you that I have waxed children as young as 4.  Children that young usually get their uni-brow wax.  There is no eyebrow shaping and arching involved in that kind of wax.  Parents that do not want their young children to wax can use a razor on their bodily hair, but that only promotes growth of the unwanted hair and plucking each hair individually is torture on the little one.  Waxing the uni-brow is quick and not as painful as one would think.  The parent is required to be in the room at all times when a child is 12 and under.

A lot of parents of tweens and teens choose to have their children wax their legs and their bikini area, especially if the child is in sports like swimming or soccer.

A great example to why that would be necessary is one teen I had shaved her bikini area every day because she said her hair was too dark on her fair skin.  Her hair became so coarse that it would stick out her volleyball shorts if she did not shave that day.  That is an embarrassment that a teen does not need to go through when they can get bikini waxing once a month.

At Absolute Body Waxing & Spa in Winter Park, anyone under 18 is required to have parental consent to wax the bikini area.  Some of our staffs are parents too, and we know as parents, we want to be in the loop with what our children are doing.  The parents do not have to be in the room with the teenagers.  That is a decision that the parent and teen can make together for optimum comfort.

So, in honor of being in school and being cool check out this month’s special for teens, tweens, and in-betweens.

And The Battle Continues: Waxing vs. Shaving

asain lagdy shaving leg

And the Battle continues: Waxing vs. Shaving

Over the years I have seen a dramatic increase in the number of people who are trading in their razors and turning to waxing. Some may ask, “What’s the big deal with waxing? With shaving, I not only save money, but it is quick and painless.” That may be true for some if you have perfect skin and hair, but for many, this is not the case.

Let’s break it down to see if the benefits of shaving outweigh the benefits of waxing. While this is a dialogue for anyone that shaves, it is specifically speaking to those of you who are die-hard Bikini/Brazilian shavers.

Round 1 – Convenience

Pro Shave:

When you are in the shower it is easier to grab a razor and remove unsightly hair. On the other hand, with waxing you have to drive to a spa which takes time out of your already busy schedule.

Pro Wax:

Shaving is not really that convenient especially when you have to do it a few times a week. A couple extra minutes in the shower every three to four days will exceed the 30 minutes you spend every 4-6 weeks waxing and you avoid those ugly razor bumps.

The Result:

In reality, you actually save more time driving to a waxing facility and getting your Brazilian wax than doing it yourself in the shower a few times a week.

At first, as you can see, it looked as though shaving would hit a home run, but in the end I’m sure you can agree that waxing won this round.

Round 2 – Costs

Pro Shave:

“It is less expensive for me to buy a razor and do the job myself.”

Pro Wax:

Is it really? Let’s break it down… An inexpensive razor costs $3; razors that cost that much should be changed after each use. Shaving cream costs about $3. You will also need razor bump cream that may cost $5, so you can take care of those unsightly razor bumps from using cheap razors. Most likely, you are not actually getting a nice clean shave, so it has to be done frequently if not daily. Skin that is shaved often eventually becomes discolored, resulting in the purchase of a fade cream that costs roughly $10 and comes in a small 2 ounce container. If you find yourself shaving on average 3-4 times a week, you have to buy these items twice a month. Now, let’s do the math. The total is $42. The first time you get a Brazilian wax, it costs you $50, but when you become a member, the fee is now $40 per month. So, in the end, waxing costs less and it has fewer products that you don’t have to worry about purchasing. Not to mention, freeing up your time for something else besides shaving. The beach-perhaps?

The Result:

Waxing definitely won this round.

Round 3 – Modesty

Pro Shave:

“I can shave in the privacy of my own home instead of getting that awkward feeling of having a stranger wax me.”

Pro Wax:

That is true. This is why at Absolute Body Waxing & Spa, we go above and beyond to make sure that you are comfortable every step of the way. Before your body waxing service, our technician will answer any questions or concerns you may have. We are people too, and we understand.

With waxing you won’t get the bumps, the fast hair growth, and the annoying itchiness that comes with shaving. Hair grows about 4-6 weeks after waxing and is needed about once a month for maintenance. It is an easy, quick in-and-out service.

The Result:

Who won this round? It is up to you.

In closing, when you get waxed at Absolute Body Waxing & Spa in Winter Park, you become more than a customer. You become a family member and a friend. Come join our waxing family and check out this month’s special.

Body Waxing Mystery Solved: Hard Wax or Soft Wax

Since the dawn of hairy people, a great debate has divided families and has caused conflicts of epic proportions. What is this debate that I speak of? Why, waxing, of course! People have long debated about which method is the best: hard wax or soft wax?

Well, I am here to put an end to this, once and for all. Let’s first start with the differences between soft and hard wax.

It Matters If You're Using Hard Wax or Soft WaxSoft wax is applied to the skin very thinly and a muslin strip is applied on top of the wax to remove the hair. After the hair is removed with the soft wax, the esthetician has to apply oil or some kind of wax remover over the waxed area, to prevent a sticky situation. This is not so with hard wax. Hard wax is first applied as a liquid. It goes on the skin a lot thicker than the soft wax. It then hardens after it cools off and the wax is removed without the use of a muslin strip.

All waxes, hard or soft, remove some of the top layers of dead skin cells off of the skin, as it is a form of mild exfoliation. However, soft wax can remove a lot more skin than desired and this ends up bruising the skin or breaking it. The risk of burning is also higher with soft wax. Hard wax is kept at a temperature just a little higher than the normal body temperature, while the soft wax is not manageable at that temperature. Soft wax also pulls on the hair and skin when being removed, while hard wax dries to the hairs and does not pull on the skin. This makes the waxing experience a lot less painful.

I hope this post finally settles this divisive debate forever and rescues the many people who lives have been impacted by this ongoing debate. With these facts, families can now be reunited as one and use only hard wax. This is why we only use hard wax for all of our services, especially our Brazilian and bikini waxing. Come to our Winter Park spa and experience the difference.

To get the full experience, check out this months special and Book Your Body Waxing Today!

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