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The Winter Dos and Don’t of Skin Care

We at Absolute Body Wax came across this interesting article about the winter dos and don’ts of skin care. Although we do not get much of a winter in Central Florida, it is important to maintain your skin in Florida’s cooler weather. Check out our Image Skincare line the next time you pop in. At the end of the blog, you’ll find the original link to this article.

If it isn’t the Blizzard of 2015, it’s freezing temperatures — and both are messing with our skin. The life seems to just get sucked out of our pretty faces this time of year, leaving us with dull, dried out and dehydrated skin. Luckily, there’s always a miracle beauty product to combat Mother Nature’s wrath, and here is a little refresher on the dos and don’ts of winter skincare.


Carry hand lotion at all times. Dried out skin on the hands is common and very uncomfortable, so when you’re not wearing gloves, keep them moisturized with your favorite lotion.
Hook up the humidifier. Heaters are notorious for sucking the moisture out of skin. Keep the mister flowing overnight, so you’ll wake up with soothed and hydrated skin.
Boost your skincare routine. We’ve discussed trading in a harsh cleanser for a more gentle cleansing balm, but don’t stop there. Layer on a serum booster — like one with hyaluronic acid — to increase skin’s hydration.


Take long, hot showers. The heat from a longer than usual steamy shower causes skin to lose its oil barrier fast, causing itchy, dry skin.
Skip the body lotion. To remedy flaky skin, reaching for the lotion post-shower is a must. It’s one of those steps that is easy to overlook, but you’ll be glad you did it once your skin gets the relief and moisture it needs.
Over-exfoliate. We’re all for a scrub down (or even a peel!) to remove those dead skin cells and reveal that glowy skin. But overdoing it will irritate and chap the skin, so proceed with caution.

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Interesting finds

The Face Area You’re Not Exfoliating But Should Be

It’s no secret that thick brows are in. But, could skipping a simple skin care step on this specific area of the face be what’s standing in between you and the bold look? According to celebrity eyebrow specialist, Elke Von Freudenberg, it is. “Exfoliation on the brow area not only removes dead skin under the hairs, but can also help with hair growth by stimulation and giving circulation to the hair follicle,” she says. “It’s the same premise as brushing your hair every day. The more circulation to the hair, the better and faster it can grow.”

What to Look for
For starters, you want a scrub that is stronger than your facial scrub. “Most facial scrubs are too soft for stimulation,” Von Freudenberg says. “They’re fine for exfoliation, but not enough to really get circulation going, which is the important part.” But stay away from a body scrub, which can be too harsh for this area, and avoid anything with salt, as it stings if it gets in your eyes.

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How to Scrub for Best Results
“I recommend using the scrub nightly. Scrub the eyebrow area where you want growth, or if you want thicker brow overall, scrub above the brow, through and below the brow. Scrub for one minute each for both brows,” Von Freudenberg says.

When to Clean Up the Strays
According to Von Freudenberg, to get thicker brows, you really only need one to three more rows to make a difference—which really isn’t that much. “A row can be both below or above the eyebrows and you’ll see faster growth along the tops as the hairs are thicker and grow faster,” she says. “Clean up all the crazy stray hairs that are growing way too far below the brow and focus on that row or two below to get thicker. Once your brows are a little cleaner looking, growing them in seems and looks easier.”


Link to actual article:

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What’s new????

Hi everyone!!! You know how at Absolute Body Wax we are always looking for something new and exciting to share with our clients. This time we wanted to share some of our recent discoveries.

First of all we’ve got something that you have been asking for:topical analgesic! Yes! You heard me right! We now sell numbing cream that will alleviate the pain associated with waxing. Just apply it 40 minutes before your wax and let the cream work its magic. It contains Benzocaine, an FDA approved topical analgesic! So if you really don’t like the stinging sensation that waxing gives you or you are really worried about your first wax stop by Absolute Body Wax to get your tube today ($19.50 for 1 oz)

We also got something new to make your wax last longer. Using Hair retarding serum after waxing slows down the hair growth and after applying it around 10 times may give you results similar to laser hair removal. Even though it sounds a little scary but this product is composed of natural fruit enzymes mixed with moisturizing serum. You’ve probably heard of enzyme’s exfoliating properties so the serum will also help to reduce the amount of ingrown hairs.

Finally, we have also been fascinated with ethnic beauty secrets and how we can incorporate this knowledge and products in your routine. We are pleased to announce that we have started retailing Moroccan Black Soap and Kessa exfoliating gloves. Moroccan black soap, called Beldi, has been utilized for hundreds of years in hamams, middle eastern variant of Roman baths for cleansing and deep exfoliation of the skin. Beldi is a natural olive oil based soap composed of only five ingredients. If you use it according to the instructions that we provide you may see your dead skin actually rolling off of your body. It provides great exfoliation for smooth skin and decreases the amount of ingrown hairs. Both soap and exfoliating glove are imported from Agadir, Morocco.

Stop by Absolute Body Wax to find out more information about products and services that we offer.

Is Waxing For Men?

surprise guy beach scene
Is Waxing for Men (Perceptions and the Realities)

This might be the most common question a guy will ask me when he is thinking about waxing. Let me ask another question in response to this question:

Do men have unwanted hair?

Just because men are from Mars and women are from Venus does not mean they do not share a common ground. What’s the common ground? Unwanted hair! So, in order to answer that question let’s have a dialogue.

Q: Do men really get Brazilian waxing done?

A: Absolutely! Yes, they do.

Q: Wow, it must be painful.

A: It is actually not more painful than a woman getting her Brazilian waxing. Being that men have more “stuff” in that area, guys do have to hold tight and place their hands in certain positions to make the waxing experience better. This is definitely a hands’ on cooperative wax for the waxer and the waxee.

Q: I’m interested in getting my back waxed, but I’m afraid I will break out.

A: This is a valid fear, but if you follow the Do’s and Don’ts of waxing, you will not break out on your back. The two most important things to remember after getting a big area such as the back, chest, and stomach waxed, is to NOT exercise or be out in the sun for at least 24 hours. You SHOULD also exfoliate and lotion the area that was waxed the following day (24 hours) after your treatment.

Q: Am I the only guy that gets waxed?

A: No you are not. Women make up about 65 percent of the waxing services that I provide, but men are not too far behind.

Back to the original question: Is waxing for men?

Although, waxing might not be for everyone, male or female, waxing is definitely for people who have unwanted hair. If you want to have 4-6 weeks of freedom from your unwanted hair, waxing is definitely for you. If you continue on the 4-6 week cycle, your unwanted hair will start to thin out and the pain will lessen with each additional treatment. So, men come on over and get your wax on!

Absolute Body Waxing and Spa is “hair” to help!

Love for Your Skin

Have you ever noticed how many products we use to keep the skin on our faces looking nice and beautiful? Some people use up to 18 products in their daily routine. We cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturize our faces on a daily basis. We can’t forget about the weekly treatments we use like masks. Don’t you feel sometimes that the skin on your body does not get the same attention? Most people limit the body care to a shower and a little body lotion every now and then. But I believe you will agree with me that a young looking body is impossible without young looking skin. So today I wanted to share with you a few things you can do to keep the skin on your body beautiful, healthy and looking forever 21.

Tip # 1: One of the best things that you can do for your skin is exfoliation. And you probably already use a face scrub and face wash that helps you remove the dead skin cells from the surface of your face. Likewise, exfoliating your body will benefit you tremendously: it helps to remove the dead skin cells that build up over time; it improves blood circulation to help you get rid of ingrown hairs and it will even brighten your complexion. But keep in mind: the skin on your body is not the same as the skin on your face, so you shouldn’t use the same products. Body scrub is the perfect way to exfoliate. Since your body’s skin is more resilient a body scrub is usually a little rougher than your facial scrub. It should be used 1-3 times a week. To get an even deeper exfoliation you can pair your scrub with an exfoliating mitt or loofah.

Tip # 2: While you are in the shower finish your routine with a splash of cold water. This will certainly wake you up, get you energized and it also has some serious health benefits. Contrast showers like this will improve your immune system and temporarily constrict the blood vessels; it is like a little workout for your circulatory system. What does this mean for you? If done regularly, it will prevent the appearance of spider veins and decrease your chances of getting varicose veins.

Tip # 3: Follow your shower routine with an application of a nice body lotion. Make sure to cover visible body parts with a sun protecting product so you don’t get those unsightly sun spots. Since we live in the sunshine state it is better to use sunscreen on a regular basis.

Tip # 4: We cannot stress enough the importance of hydration for healthy, glowing skin. So don’t forget your 8 glasses of H2O a day.
Skin is the largest organ of your body and it has the ability to indicate whatever is happening inside your body. For example if your lips are dry that means you are not taking in a sufficient amount of fluids. If your skin is flaking it could be a sign that you have a vitamin A & E deficiency.

Stop by Absolute body wax to check out the body care products that we offer and get a professional look to learn more about your skin’s health.

Benefits of consistency

Benefits of consistency

One of the most often asked question we hear at Absolute Body Wax is “How long will my waxing last?” We normally respond that a wax can last anywhere between 4-6 weeks on average. However, to be more precise, there are a few factors that must be taken into consideration.

First, if you are being waxed it is important to specify how long it has been since you last shaved.  We always tell our clients “the longer – the better”. Some believe that if the hair is long the waxing will be more painful, well it’s simply not true. Longer hair will not influence the sensation; however, it will allow us to give you a better and cleaner waxing service. As we all know hair grows in different cycles.   If you wait just one week after your shave, not all the hairs have grown out yet. Because these hairs are not grown they get left behind during the waxing process and will certainly return sooner. So remember the golden rule: hair must be at least ¼ of an inch long – about as long as a grain of rice.

The second thing to consider is that hair growth is actually influenced during certain times of the year: in the summer, the hair on our head and on all body parts grows faster. The higher temperature causes faster blood circulation and as a result our hair grows longer and at a quicker rate than in other months.

Lastly, it is impossible not to mention your ethnicity and gens. Some of us have thick, lustrous locks, and some of us have fuzzy thin hair. The fact is that if the hair on your body is thin and soft, chances are your waxing will last much longer.

If this is the first waxing service in your life or you are getting it after a long break, chances are it will not last very long.  If you have been shaving instead of getting waxed during this time this causes the hair to become stronger and it looks and feels coarser. As a result, about 25% of the hairs do not get pulled out of the follicles.  Instead they break off much closer to the surface of the skin.  These hairs will return sooner than hairs that were pulled out at the follicles, thus waxing doesn’t last as long as you would expect.

Taking so many factors into consideration, we encourage you to properly prepare for your waxing and to try it at least 3 consecutive times. This way you will see the benefits that waxing can bring to your lifestyle and maintenance.  The effects of waxing gradually build up and the more you do it, the easier it gets.  Not only will it be less painful, but it will last much longer. Don’t base your opinion solely on one service. We can guarantee that your second waxing will be a breeze compared to your first.

For a limited time, Absolute Body Waxing & SPA is offering you a $10 discount on selected services of $50 or more if you schedule your next appointment within 6 weeks of your visit. We want you to experience the benefits of waxing without breaking the bank. Call us today to schedule your appointment!

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How important is Hydration?

h2o lady

h2o ladyh2o ladyh2o lady h2o lady h2o ladyh2o ladyh2o ladytree2.jpg

Hey there, everyone!!!!

We came across this great article and felt that we really had to share it with you.  Take a look at the picture of this lady.  What do you see?  She obviously looks younger and well rested.  How do you think she achieved this result? Rejuvenating procedures? Facelift? Makeup?  Actually the answer is so much simpler that you would not believe it, but we’ll get to that.

The name of this lady is Sarah Smith, she is 42 and she lives in UK.  She’s been complaining about headaches, lack of energy and irregular digestion. After talking to a few doctors, she realized that the cause of her problems is laying on the surface.  She made a challenge for herself and after following her plan she has achieved impressive results.  All she did was drink 3 liters (100 oz) of water a day!  Yes it is that simple.  Sarah’s doctors have agreed that she has not been consuming enough water so she was determined to fix it.  She took weekly pictures of herself every week, and took notice of how her appearance was changing.  First thing that she noticed was improved joint mobility, less headaches and better digestion.  At the end of the challenge she put 2 pictures together and was shocked by the difference.  She looked at least 10 years younger.

Regardless of whether you believe Sara’s story or not, you can’t deny that water is crucial for our body’s well being.  Lack of water intake is the main cause for numerous health problems, and we cannot stress enough how important it is for your beauty.  The truth is if you are getting a spa procedure like a facial, massage or a body wrap and you are not consuming enough water, you probably won’t see any results.  If you are trying to lose some weight you will not be able to do it without drinking enough water.  All the toxins and byproducts that our bodies produce will leave our system with the water.  Water lubricates your joints, it protects your spinal cord and other sensitive tissues, and it helps to regulate your body’s temperature.  It becomes even more important during the summer when our bodies lose more moisture through sweat.

This summer, we invite you to visit Absolute Body Wax & Spa for a glass of water and a relaxing hydrating facial for just $49.  Check out our other awesome summer specials here.  And don’t forget: you need at least 8 glasses a day of H2O to keep you healthy and beautiful.

Hope to see you soon.

Based on materials from

Soft Wax Revisited

roll on waxHere, at Absolute Body Wax and Spa in Orlando, we have been all for hard wax. And seriously why wouldn’t we? It possesses countless advantages: hard wax is gentle enough to be used on any body part, effective at removing all the hair, it provides a less painful experience and no sticky mess to take care of. Although we seem to be happy with the products we are using, we find ourselves in the constant search for better ways, new wax and different techniques. So, we thought it might be the right time to revisit the soft wax department to see if things have changed since our first encounter. And they did! Big time. We have come across a new wonderful thing: soft roll-on wax. Made by new technologies it’s less sticky but yet effective at removing both coarse and soft baby hairs. Don’t get alarmed! We’ll still use organic hard wax to do your Brazilian waxing, underarms and such. But there is one particular body part that will really benefit from soft roll-on wax: your legs. “How so?” you would ask. Well, the skin on our legs stays naturally taut, that makes it perfect for soft roll-on waxing. The hair is usually a mix of coarse stubble and “peach fuzz.” The gooey soft wax will conquer them both at the same time. Roll-on wax is perfectly sanitary: one cartridge is used on one client and then gets tossed.  Since soft wax is a little stickier, it removes the top layer of dead skin cells from your legs. Sounds scary, but it’s actually a good thing: our skin is covered by a thick build up of dead cells, and that, my friend, is one of the reasons we get those nasty ingrowns. Exfoliation promotes cell turnover and removes the cell build up to reveal new beautiful skin. Soft wax does very similar thing and as a result we get nice smooth skin and lower chances of ingrown hairs. You might want to ask if it’s more painful. We would say not a whole lot, but it is much faster.

So, if you feel like testing our new method stop by Absolute Body Wax this month and take advantage of this month’s special. But, keep in mind, if you want to stay faithful to good old hard wax we won’t get in your way: we leave this choice up to you.

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