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Why choose Absolute Body Waxing & Spa for your Brazilian wax in Orlando?

Have you checked out our name? Waxing is what we do and Brazilian waxing is our specialty. For over 13 years, spa director Claudia Pierre has been servicing clients in the spa industry. While living and working in South Florida, Claudia met vacationers from all around the world who came for waxing service from a local spa where she mastered the art of Brazilian wax. Now she is here to bring you the best Brazilian Waxing to Orlando.

Now she brings her expertise to those who visit Absolute Body Waxing & Spa located in Central Florida where she now resides. Claudia provides close supervision and educates all wax technicians at Absolute Body Waxing & Spa to ensure complete mastery of the art of the Brazilian wax. You’re just one phone call away from the best Brazilian wax in Orlando!

The Types of Brazilian Wax

A Visual Guide

All hair is removed except for what is showing.
A buttocks strip is included for all Brazilian waxes.
Brazilian Waxing Winter Park

Bikini Area Waxing Prices

Area Women Men
Bikini $25 & up $35 & up
Brazilian (Buttock Strip Incl.) $53 $63
Buttock Strip $15 $18
Buttock (Buttock Strip Incl.) $28 $38
Full Front $45 $55
Inner Thigh $15 $25
Ext. Brazilian (Buttock Strip Incl.) $63 $75

How We Do Your Brazilian Wax

The wax that we use for Brazilian body waxing is a vegetable-based hard wax. It also includes soothing oils like jojoba and avocado for soothing even the most sensitive skin. We do not use any strips for the Brazilian wax and our wax technicians never double dip the wax sticks, so you are guaranteed a fresh wax with every application.

We also do not recycle any of the wax that we use and gloves are worn at all times during waxing services. You can be assured that the only thing you will walk out of our business with is satisfaction of a job well done and smooth silky skin.

Benefits of Brazilian Waxing

When you get a Brazilian wax on a regular basis (every 4-6 weeks), there is no need to shave in between waxing services; furthermore, the hair comes back finer and the waxing service time dramatically decreases. You can also become a member of the Orlando Brazilian club for $40 per month for women and $50 per month for men.

With this membership, you receive one free Brazilian per month plus an additional 10% off all other services. We also have specials exclusively for members and referral bonuses. Come experience your Brazilian wax today!

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