Small Business Week

It’s small business week!!

Here at Absolute Body Waxing & Spa, we are proud to say we are a small business. It means so much to us when you and our local community members support a small business like ours. Here at Absolute, your support means you stimulate the local economy and uplift the surrounding community! All of our owners and employees live within 30 miles of our spa with their families. Some of our staff members also attend school in the Orlando area. We do our best to support small businesses like ours as well. A lot of our supplies are from locally owned businesses.  Fun fact, all of our waxing supplies and skincare products are purchased from companies mostly in South Florida. This means that all the money we put into the business stays within the state of Florida!

It is important to support your local small businesses because we provide excellent, personalized customer service. Here at Absolute, we guarantee we will take care of you and your waxing needs along with building relationships with every one of our customers. Being a client at Absolute Body Wax means you join our Absolute family instead of just being another number in our client book. We also have a tight-knit community here at our Spa among our employees, where everyone is treated with equal respect and care. Supporting Absolute Body Waxing & Spa means you also support these positives that come alongside local small businesses. Thank you so much for your continued support and we look forward to keeping the impact of growth!  Have you scheduled your waxing service today?  You can book click here for 24/7 access to our website.  See you soon!

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20% Off Full Leg Wax

February is quickly coming to an end and March is just around the corner, which means Springtime is almost here! It is never too early to be summer-ready in Florida.  Spring is the perfect time to start your leg waxing journey.  Allowing a few months of full leg waxing before you bare your legs are beneficial because the hair follicles will be thinner and less noticeable by summer. Start the summer season with smooth legs with this 20% off a full leg or half-leg wax starting in March!

*Mention this great deal at checkout to receive 20% off your full or half-leg wax.  Coupon only applies to first-time full leg/half leg waxes.  Cannot be applied to any other offers or promotions. Offer expires 3/31/2022.


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Meet Our New Aesthetician!

Absolute Body Wax is beyond excited to introduce you to the newest member of our team. Meet Cristina Kobylinski.  Cristina boasts a whooping 35 plus years in the waxing industry!  She knows all of the aspects of waxing.  Over the course of her career, she worked at multiple establishments, served as a representative for a wax brand overseas, and trained aspiring aestheticians in proper waxing techniques.  Cristina is also fluent in Spanish which adds another language to Absolute’s colorful multicultural family!
We are inviting  you to come meet our newest waxer and take advantage of 25% discount off one waxing service through the end of February. Please mention this offer to receive this discount.
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Offer expires 2/26/22.  Discount only applies to waxing services with Cristina.

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What is it?

invisa-RED™ is the only FDA approved, IRB, and Clinically proven device to provide weight reduction, fat reduction and inch loss. Our technology can accomplish scalable weight loss with a precise combination of specific frequencies from both red and infrared laser light energy. The combination of dual coherent frequencies enables the light energy to penetrate deep into adipose tissue (subcutaneous fat) generating a significant response in cellular functions and stimulation of the body’s natural metabolism. invisa-RED™ Technology stimulates lymphatic function and increases the metabolism through the synthesis of Adenosine triphosphate (ATP). The activation and efficiency of both the lymphatic system and metabolism are essential to achieve a patient’s weight loss goals.

How it works
invisa-RED™ technology stimulates cellular respiration, lymphatic function and increases the metabolism through the synthesis of Adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Irradiation of invisa-RED™’s dual coherent laser wavelengths (red 680nm and infrared 980nm) exert an overall effect of photobiostimulation on the cellular metabolism.

invisa-RED™ technology penetrates tissue to a depth of about 40 mm. Laser energy at wavelengths of 680nm & 980nm are very beneficial in treating problems close to the surface such as cellulite, stretch marks, skin elasticity, collagen production, wrinkles, acne, and is particularly effective in removing fat from unwanted problem areas..


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We are open

May 8,2020 Update!

We are happy to announce that we will open our offices on Wednesday May 13, 2020!

We are super excited to see all of our clients and catch up.  Due to the current pandemic, we had to make some changes to our protocols.  For the the safety of our guests and team members, there are a few guidelines we ask our guests to follow.  Please read them down below.  We will not be able to offer waxing services to anyone not in compliance. 

1 We will be working by-appointment only.  Please arrive at the time of your appointment.  If you arrive early, please stay in your car until your appointment time.

2 Please do not bring an extra guest.  Only the person getting services will be allowed in the facility.  Everyone else will be required to wait outside or in their car.

3 Face mask are required in order to be allowed into the spa or receive services at all times.  If you don’t have one, we will provide one for you at a $3 charge

4 We are not able to offer any facial waxing services (except for eyebrows) until further notice.

5 We are also unable to offer any facial services at this time until further notice

6 If you are experiencing flu like symptoms, have recently traveled outside of the country, came in direct contact with someone who traveled outside of the country, or tested positive for COVID-19, please postpone your waxing appointment.

7 We will be measuring your temperature upon arrival, unfortunately,  if you’re running a fever we will have to refuse your service.

8. We are also not offering any Nail services a this time.

Update on Closure 4/29/2020

We had high hopes for returning back to work and seeing our clients. Unfortunately, as a pat of re-opening plan our spa is considered “personal services” and thus must remain closed until further notice.

We will be cancelling all the existing appointments.

As of right now we have no idea when we will be able to re-open our business. But we closely monitor the situation and will notify you upon any changes right away.

Please stay tuned for any updates and be safe.

We look forward to servicing you in the future.


Vacials for Everyone

New Year, new you!  The 2022 year is well on its way and hope that everyone has a great start to the new year.  We get a lot of new clients at the beginning of the year and many of them might not know some of the services we offer.  So, for the next few months, we at Absolute Body Waxing & Spa are going to highlight a few of our services and the benefits of receiving them.

We will be focusing on Vacials for the month of February.

What is a Vacial and do you need to get one?

Vacials are great treatments for anyone that suffers from ingrowns.  It helps eliminate ingrown hairs.
We all love waxing.  It makes your skin smooth, gives long-lasting results and the effects keep getting better with time.  However, one of the most common side effects of waxing is ingrown hairs.  They form when the new hair can not penetrate through the surface of the skin and keeps growing inside.  Quite often they are accompanied by inflammation and comedones.  The first step that we take when treating ingrowns is a proper home care routine.  We recommend regular mild exfoliation, application of moisturizing lotions and creams and we also suggest specific products targeted to alleviate ingrown hair problems.
Sometimes the ingrown problem becomes too prominent.  This is when we resort to more aggressive methods.  A Vacial treatment is for your pubic area, similar to a facial.  The main focus of this treatment is to manually remove ingrown hairs through extraction.  The steps are similar to facial but are shorter include: cleansing, exfoliation with steam, extraction, masking, and moisturizing.  The best time to get a Vacial is a couple of days after getting a Brazilian wax.
You are a perfect candidate for this treatment if you suffer from multiple inflamed ingrowns that are located deep under the skin.  Do not let the name fool you, Vacials are recommended for males and females who suffer from excessive ingrowns.  We do not recommend this service as a precaution method, since your home care routine should provide sufficient ongoing treatment.
Contact us today to see if Vacial is the right service for you!


Holiday Packages

Seasons Greeting!

Check out our holiday specials and see which ones fit your spa needs.

Facial Package

3 Express Facials for $190

1 Image Skincare Travel Kit


3 Express Facials for $190

w/free add-ons

$10 Chemical Peel

w/free add-ons

Brazilian Package


6 Brazilians $294
(Savings of $66)


6 Brazilians $234
(Savings of $66)

*Packages go on sale Black Friday November 29, 2019. Please note, we will be increasing our prices on January 1, 2020.

Purchase now to keep reduced price.*

Holiday Hours

Hope everyone has a safe holiday season!

Thanksgiving Day, November 28, 2019 – CLOSED

Black Friday, November 29, 2019 – 10 am – 7 pm

Christmas Eve, December 24, 2019 – 10 am – 5 pm

Christmas Day, December 25, 2019 – CLOSED

New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2019 – 10 am – 5 pm

New Year’s, January 1, 2020 – CLOSED


Facial Best Practices

Some people may think that getting a facial is something that is done on special occasions.  Those of us that are serious about skincare,  know that it’s more ongoing.  Although facials can be very relaxing, at Absolute Body Waxing & Spa we take the act a little more personally.  So let us all get serious about getting a facial and take time to learn a little about pre-facial best practices.

Professional skincare treatments will provide deep hydration, exfoliation, and a thorough analysis of your skin’s needs and issues.  We at Absolute Body Waxing & Spa take pride in our facial services.  We use the best skincare line (Image), customize each and every facial to our client’s specific needs, and utilize the safest practices.

There are many things one can do in order to get more out of their facial treatments at our facility.  To help individuals out, we decided to put together this quick Pre-facial checklist below.

  1. Do not wear make-up when arriving at your facial treatment appointment.  Our most popular facial is 60 minutes and we want to use most of the time working on the skin, not removing makeup.
  2. Take pictures of the skincare products that are currently being used in the household (particularly the prescription items).  Seeing pictures helps the Aesthetician to use products that enhance the products used at home as opposed to them being counterproductive.
  3. When receiving a new medication prescription, always ask the provider whether it affects the skin and if it’s safe to continue facial treatments/products while on the medication.  Also, let the Aesthetician know if there are any precautions that should be taken.  We at Absolute Body Waxing & Spa are capable of customizing the facial treatments in order to get favorable results.
  4. It is best (when possible) to book facial treatments in the evening and a week or so prior to any events or trips.
    1. The face may appear red and blotchy right after a facial treatment and since we do not recommend using makeup right after it is best to relax at home after the service.
    2. Since exfoliation is one of the most important steps in a facial treatment, we suggest minimizing your time outside even while using SPF to prevent unfavorable results.

For best results, follow these suggestions.  Click here to book your next facial treatment!   We are looking forward to seeing you!

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