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Getting Waxed & Hitched

As the blazing heat of central Florida begins to die down and the dry air rolls in, we are looking forward to the fall months and the beginning of the wedding season.  We, at Absolute Body Waxing and Spa, love servicing future newlyweds and their families.  On that special day, one wants everything to be as perfect as possible and since no expense is spared, a visit to the Spa salon becomes a must on the to-do list. We decided to share some advice on how to get the best results from your spa service before the wedding.

The most popular service for brides and grooms is definitely waxing.  By the wedding day, a honeymoon is usually booked and waxing seems to be a great way to avoid the hassle of shaving during your trip.  Now, if you are thinking about getting waxed before your wedding for the first time here’s what you need to know: it is always best to have a few waxing sessions before an actual event. Waxing can have side effects i.e. irritation, soreness, breakouts. etc.  Moreover, your first wax usually doesn’t last as long as it is supposed to due to possible hair breakage and different hair growth cycles.  For best results, plan to get your first wax 2 months prior to your wedding date.  Follow all the guidelines provided by our technicians.  Schedule your services within 4 weeks and make sure you book your wax no later than two days prior to your wedding day.  This way you will achieve the best results from waxing and make sure to minimize possible side effects.

If you want to get a facial before your wedding day, we must advise you that it is not such a great idea.  Occasional breakouts are particularly common after a facial.  The manipulations on the skin urge it to release the toxins which may lead to the growth of pustules and papules.  If you want to have a relaxing pleasure of spa facial before your wedding, please book it at least 1 week prior to your big day and always make sure you visit an experienced esthetician that utilizes safe practices and uses high-quality skincare products.

In recent years, eyelash extensions have gained a great popularity amongst the brides.  They give your eyes a dramatic yet natural look and last longer than strip lashes.  If your eyes tend to be sensitive and react to mascaras or eye makeup, ask your Esthetician to do a patch test before you would get a full set of extensions.  Patch test involves the application of a couple of lash extensions to each eye in order to see whether you develop an allergic reaction to the adhesive.  Once we determine that your eyes are not sensitive to the lash extensions, we will apply a full set.

A mani-pedi is a must before a wedding!  It is also the service with barely any side effects if performed correctly.  For best results, may we suggest gel polish for your manicures, since it lasts much longer than a regular polish?

If you have any more questions about booking any spa service before your wedding day, feel free to contact any of our staff members.

To start off the fall and the wedding season in Central Florida, we want to offer a new signature pumpkin spice mani-pedi and a facial with a hint of fall flavors!

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