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New Year, New You

There’s still time to kick start your New Year’s Resolution and get rid of some fuzz.

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The Winter Dos and Don’t of Skin Care

We at Absolute Body Wax came across this interesting article about the winter dos and don’ts of skin care. Although we do not get much of a winter in Central Florida, it is important to maintain your skin in Florida’s cooler weather. Check out our Image Skincare line the next time you pop in. At the end of the blog, you’ll find the original link to this article.

If it isn’t the Blizzard of 2015, it’s freezing temperatures — and both are messing with our skin. The life seems to just get sucked out of our pretty faces this time of year, leaving us with dull, dried out and dehydrated skin. Luckily, there’s always a miracle beauty product to combat Mother Nature’s wrath, and here is a little refresher on the dos and don’ts of winter skincare.


Carry hand lotion at all times. Dried out skin on the hands is common and very uncomfortable, so when you’re not wearing gloves, keep them moisturized with your favorite lotion.
Hook up the humidifier. Heaters are notorious for sucking the moisture out of skin. Keep the mister flowing overnight, so you’ll wake up with soothed and hydrated skin.
Boost your skincare routine. We’ve discussed trading in a harsh cleanser for a more gentle cleansing balm, but don’t stop there. Layer on a serum booster — like one with hyaluronic acid — to increase skin’s hydration.


Take long, hot showers. The heat from a longer than usual steamy shower causes skin to lose its oil barrier fast, causing itchy, dry skin.
Skip the body lotion. To remedy flaky skin, reaching for the lotion post-shower is a must. It’s one of those steps that is easy to overlook, but you’ll be glad you did it once your skin gets the relief and moisture it needs.
Over-exfoliate. We’re all for a scrub down (or even a peel!) to remove those dead skin cells and reveal that glowy skin. But overdoing it will irritate and chap the skin, so proceed with caution.

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