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What’s new????

Hi everyone!!! You know how at Absolute Body Wax we are always looking for something new and exciting to share with our clients. This time we wanted to share some of our recent discoveries.

First of all we’ve got something that you have been asking for:topical analgesic! Yes! You heard me right! We now sell numbing cream that will alleviate the pain associated with waxing. Just apply it 40 minutes before your wax and let the cream work its magic. It contains Benzocaine, an FDA approved topical analgesic! So if you really don’t like the stinging sensation that waxing gives you or you are really worried about your first wax stop by Absolute Body Wax to get your tube today ($19.50 for 1 oz)

We also got something new to make your wax last longer. Using Hair retarding serum after waxing slows down the hair growth and after applying it around 10 times may give you results similar to laser hair removal. Even though it sounds a little scary but this product is composed of natural fruit enzymes mixed with moisturizing serum. You’ve probably heard of enzyme’s exfoliating properties so the serum will also help to reduce the amount of ingrown hairs.

Finally, we have also been fascinated with ethnic beauty secrets and how we can incorporate this knowledge and products in your routine. We are pleased to announce that we have started retailing Moroccan Black Soap and Kessa exfoliating gloves. Moroccan black soap, called Beldi, has been utilized for hundreds of years in hamams, middle eastern variant of Roman baths for cleansing and deep exfoliation of the skin. Beldi is a natural olive oil based soap composed of only five ingredients. If you use it according to the instructions that we provide you may see your dead skin actually rolling off of your body. It provides great exfoliation for smooth skin and decreases the amount of ingrown hairs. Both soap and exfoliating glove are imported from Agadir, Morocco.

Stop by Absolute Body Wax to find out more information about products and services that we offer.

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