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Is Waxing For Men?

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Is Waxing for Men (Perceptions and the Realities)

This might be the most common question a guy will ask me when he is thinking about waxing. Let me ask another question in response to this question:

Do men have unwanted hair?

Just because men are from Mars and women are from Venus does not mean they do not share a common ground. What’s the common ground? Unwanted hair! So, in order to answer that question let’s have a dialogue.

Q: Do men really get Brazilian waxing done?

A: Absolutely! Yes, they do.

Q: Wow, it must be painful.

A: It is actually not more painful than a woman getting her Brazilian waxing. Being that men have more “stuff” in that area, guys do have to hold tight and place their hands in certain positions to make the waxing experience better. This is definitely a hands’ on cooperative wax for the waxer and the waxee.

Q: I’m interested in getting my back waxed, but I’m afraid I will break out.

A: This is a valid fear, but if you follow the Do’s and Don’ts of waxing, you will not break out on your back. The two most important things to remember after getting a big area such as the back, chest, and stomach waxed, is to NOT exercise or be out in the sun for at least 24 hours. You SHOULD also exfoliate and lotion the area that was waxed the following day (24 hours) after your treatment.

Q: Am I the only guy that gets waxed?

A: No you are not. Women make up about 65 percent of the waxing services that I provide, but men are not too far behind.

Back to the original question: Is waxing for men?

Although, waxing might not be for everyone, male or female, waxing is definitely for people who have unwanted hair. If you want to have 4-6 weeks of freedom from your unwanted hair, waxing is definitely for you. If you continue on the 4-6 week cycle, your unwanted hair will start to thin out and the pain will lessen with each additional treatment. So, men come on over and get your wax on!

Absolute Body Waxing and Spa is “hair” to help!

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