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Absolute Body Waxing….Double Dipping?


When you go to a nail salon to get your nails painted, do they use a different brush each time they apply color to your nails? I don’t believe that even the cleanest nail shop offers that service. Why do you think this is the case? Well, I tried to do the homework and look for the reason why it is okay or not okay to double dip the nail polish and I could find an article online supporting it either way. A Nail technician once said to me that the polish that goes on the client’s nails is not the same polish that is on the brush, meaning you get a fresh nail polish each time the Nail Technician applies the polish because the brush never touches your nail bed. The same goes for hard wax when it is done properly. Does that mean we at Absolute Body Waxing & Spa double dip the wax sticks? H-E-double-hockey-sticks No!

At Absolute Body Waxing in Winter Park, we take extra precautions into insuring our customers’ safety against germs during your body waxing service. When it comes to waxing smaller body parts, we use a disposable wax stick that only goes into the wax pot once. When it comes to larger body parts like full legs and back waxes, we do things a little differently depending on how much wax is in the wax pot. If the wax pot is full, we use many large applicators that we disinfect after the waxing service is finished. If the wax pot has just enough wax to do the service we do reuse the large applicators. We do this because your waxing service will be a lot faster if we use a larger stick for the bigger areas. At the end of the service, the rest of the wax in the pot is dumped in the trash and the inside and outside of the wax pot is cleaned and disinfected. It is then filled for the next waxing service. I have also heard of recycling the wax, but here at Absolute Body Waxing, we can assure that the used wax is disposed of.

For more information on what you should look for in a waxing facility check out September’s blog and don’t forget to check out our spooktacular savings for this month.

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