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September Special

september special
We are in training mode at Absolute Body Waxing & Spa

Be sure to request Jennifer or Anastasia for these unbeatable specials.

Full Legs wax 30% off with Jennifer or Anastasia

$42 for women usually $60

$52 for men usually $75

All other services are also discounted to 12% off when you book with Jenifer or Anastasia

Offer expires 9/30/2013.  Services must be with Jennifer or Anastasia for discounted rated.  Monthly Specials cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions. Cannot be shared or extended for the next month.  No substitutions unless otherwise stated on specials.

Wax Etiquette 101

sept specialWith the summer coming to an end, you might find yourself with a little extra time to do whatever you may have wanted to do over the summer, like waxing perhaps.  Maybe you are interested in waxing services, but you are nervous because you have never gotten it done and are not sure what the do’s and don’ts are.  Well, with waxing services getting so popular, it’s only fair that we offer you a quick lesson in waxing etiquette.  No worries, there will be no final exams at the end of this quick lesson.

First things first, how do you choose a waxing facility?  Word of mouth is an excellent way to choose a place.  The internet is another great way.  You can Google key words like bikini wax Winter Park and it will give you a list of places in your area that offer such services.  (Maybe that is how you found Absolute Body Waxing.)   Next you have to know what type of wax you want to use: hard wax vs. soft wax.  Once you have made the decision to come to us, you can book your appointment online and either pay for it then or when you come in for your service.

Once you’ve arrived, there is a  one page form that you fill out that gives us permission to wax you and a very brief medical questionnaire to make sure you can receive waxing services safely.  Afterwards, we take you to one of our private waxing rooms.  The wax technician will verify with you the services you requested and ask if there are any other areas you may want to get waxed.  If you are getting a facial wax, we do ask that you wear minimal make up.  If you are coming from work and are wearing a little bit more makeup we may wipe the area, so that way the wax can stick to the hair you want removed. Please make use of the wipes; especially if you have had a long day of work regardless of your gender. If you are getting bikini waxing services, we do offer wipes so that way you and the wax technician can be more comfortable (we leave the room during that process for your privacy).  Please make use of the wipes; especially if you have had a long day of work regardless of your gender.  For your comfort, we also offer a disposable paper cloth to cover yourself if you are waxing your bikini area or full legs.  If you are getting a underarm wax, we ask that you wear a tank top.  If you do not have a tank top on, we do offer a disposable paper cloth for your convenience.

When your waxing service is over, before the technician leaves the room, she will use that same paper to cover up the area that has just been wax if needed.  You can now get dressed and visit the receptionist area.  The receptionist will let you know the cost of your service(s) and ask if you would like to book a future appointment.  Tipping is customary if you are satisfied with the service.  Whatever tip you decide to leave is very much appreciated, but if you want to leave the industry norm, the tip amount is usually between 15-20 percent of the regular price of the service.

Hopefully you have learned enough to get you on your waxing way.  Check out this month’s special and book online today.

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