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August Special

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Expires 8/31/2013

How Young is Too Young for Waxing

August BabyHow young is too young to get wax?

With the school year fast approaching, parents of teens and tweens are left with a simple but complicated question. What age is right to start body waxing?  A lot of parents from other countries in South America and some European countries start to wax their children at puberty, kind of like rites of passage.  Although this question is definitely a question that needs to be answered by each parent alone, I can tell you that I have waxed children as young as 4.  Children that young usually get their uni-brow wax.  There is no eyebrow shaping and arching involved in that kind of wax.  Parents that do not want their young children to wax can use a razor on their bodily hair, but that only promotes growth of the unwanted hair and plucking each hair individually is torture on the little one.  Waxing the uni-brow is quick and not as painful as one would think.  The parent is required to be in the room at all times when a child is 12 and under.

A lot of parents of tweens and teens choose to have their children wax their legs and their bikini area, especially if the child is in sports like swimming or soccer.

A great example to why that would be necessary is one teen I had shaved her bikini area every day because she said her hair was too dark on her fair skin.  Her hair became so coarse that it would stick out her volleyball shorts if she did not shave that day.  That is an embarrassment that a teen does not need to go through when they can get bikini waxing once a month.

At Absolute Body Waxing & Spa in Winter Park, anyone under 18 is required to have parental consent to wax the bikini area.  Some of our staffs are parents too, and we know as parents, we want to be in the loop with what our children are doing.  The parents do not have to be in the room with the teenagers.  That is a decision that the parent and teen can make together for optimum comfort.

So, in honor of being in school and being cool check out this month’s special for teens, tweens, and in-betweens.

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