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Body Waxing Mystery Solved: Hard Wax or Soft Wax

Since the dawn of hairy people, a great debate has divided families and has caused conflicts of epic proportions. What is this debate that I speak of? Why, waxing, of course! People have long debated about which method is the best: hard wax or soft wax?

Well, I am here to put an end to this, once and for all. Let’s first start with the differences between soft and hard wax.

It Matters If You're Using Hard Wax or Soft WaxSoft wax is applied to the skin very thinly and a muslin strip is applied on top of the wax to remove the hair. After the hair is removed with the soft wax, the esthetician has to apply oil or some kind of wax remover over the waxed area, to prevent a sticky situation. This is not so with hard wax. Hard wax is first applied as a liquid. It goes on the skin a lot thicker than the soft wax. It then hardens after it cools off and the wax is removed without the use of a muslin strip.

All waxes, hard or soft, remove some of the top layers of dead skin cells off of the skin, as it is a form of mild exfoliation. However, soft wax can remove a lot more skin than desired and this ends up bruising the skin or breaking it. The risk of burning is also higher with soft wax. Hard wax is kept at a temperature just a little higher than the normal body temperature, while the soft wax is not manageable at that temperature. Soft wax also pulls on the hair and skin when being removed, while hard wax dries to the hairs and does not pull on the skin. This makes the waxing experience a lot less painful.

I hope this post finally settles this divisive debate forever and rescues the many people who lives have been impacted by this ongoing debate. With these facts, families can now be reunited as one and use only hard wax. This is why we only use hard wax for all of our services, especially our Brazilian and bikini waxing. Come to our Winter Park spa and experience the difference.

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